Sep 22nd, 2020

Football Pitch Lighting: England, Scotland, Wales, and UEFA

Depending on where a club is based and what level it plays at the rules governing the quality of pitch lighting needed can vary greatly.

The Football Association (FA) has its own rules. As do the Scottish Football Association (SFA), and the Football Association of Wales (FAW). And all clubs in each of these associations playing at a premier level are governed by the Union of European Associations (UEFA) regulations.

So, to help you understand what regulations your club has to comply with we’ve created this simple guide. It covers the regulations for each association in turn. Each one has its own classification system. So, we’ve put a note below each chart to let you know how they are ordered.

We’ve also pulled together a quick ‘at-a-glance’ chart to make comparing them as easy as possible.

Two terms you need to know

The two metrics used to grade lighting used here are lux and uniformity. Here’s what they mean in layman’s terms:

  • Lux – A measure of the intensity of light that hits a surface. The higher the lux, the brighter the light.
  • Uniformity – The uniformity of illuminance in terms of how evenly light is distributed over a given surface. The higher the figure, the more evenly light is spread.
Help is at hand

We’ve tried to keep this guide as simple as possible. If there’s anything you don’t understand, or you have any questions, we’re here to help. Just call us on +020 8038 7432 and one of our Sports Lighting specialists will be happy to help.

The FA Regulations

N.B. In this chart Grade G is the lowest level and Grade A the highest. League and Premier League clubs are covered by UEFA Regulations.

This Chart is from Page 5 of the FA Guide to Floodlighting Regs: see the full guide here.

The SFA Regulations

Chart is from page 29 of the Scottish FA Club licensing manual.

Clubs are required to have a floodlight system at the ground. To meet the Platinum standard not shown in the above chart, the club will be able to provide a back-up power supply which will provide two-thirds of normal power.

In the case of a Platinum, the floodlighting lux level is required to be: Average – 1200 lux and 0.45 uniformity

N.B. In this chart Bronze is the lowest level and Platinum the highest. Scottish Premier League clubs are covered by UEFA Regulations.

FAW Regulations
Category Lux Uniformity
Tier 1 500 lux N/A
Tier 2 250 lux N/A
Tier 3 250 lux N/A

N.B. In this chart Tier 3 is the lowest level and Tier 5 the highest. Cymru Premier League clubs are covered by UEFA Regulations.

UEFA Regulations

Chart is from Page 12 of the UEFA Stadium Infrastructure Regulations Guide: see the full guide here.

N.B. In this chart Grade 1 is the lowest level and Grade 4 the highest.

An ‘at-a-glance’ comparison

This chart compares the lux and uniformity levels of each regulatory body.

Regulatory body Their classification grouping Lux level Uniformity
FA Grade A (Step 1) Conference 250 0.25
Grade B (Step 2) Conference 180 0.25
Grade C (Step 3) Conference 120 (180) 0.25
Grade D (Step 4) Conference 120 (180) 0.25
Grade E (Step 4-5) Conference 120 (180) 0.25
Grade F (Step 5) Conference 120 (180) 0.25
Grade G (Step 3) Conference 120 (180) 0.25

N.B. Where the lux levels are given as ‘120 (180)’, the 120 figures show the minimum for any existing lighting systems. 180 figures show the lux levels that will need to be achieved if there is a lighting upgrade at any point.

Regulatory body Their classification grouping Lux level Uniformity
SFA Platinum 250 0.25
Gold 180 0.25
Silver 120 (180) 0.25
Bronze 120 (180) 0.25
Entry 120 (180) 0.25
WFA Tier 1 500 N/A
Tier 2 250 N/A
Tier 3 250 N/A
UEFA Category 4 1,400 0.5
Category 3 1,200 0.4
Category 2 800 0.4
Category 1 N/A N/a

N.B. Category 1 clubs lux levels don’t apply. However, they should be high enough for matches to be broadcast.

Get in touch if you want to know more

This is just a quick, introductory guide on football pitch lighting. If you’d like to know more – from the benefits to the pitfalls to avoid – our Sports Lighting specialists are here to help.


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