July 22nd, 2020

Meet Hetty Leiwy – from A to Z, she pulls everything together

As the saying goes, ‘If the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, it can only lead to chaos.’. That’s never a problem here at Midstream.

In this latest edition of ‘Meet the team’, we’re talking to Hetty Leiwy. A key member of our technical sales team. From a client’s first contact to seeing a project fully up and running, Hetty makes sure everyone knows what and when they need to do to make it happen.

How did you end up working for Midstream?

After finishing my Masters Degree in Physics, I worked in a back-up power and cooling systems company. I wanted to move back to London, however. So, I started looking for a similar technical role in the area. When I met the Midstream team, I instantly knew I wanted to work here. The company’s cutting edge products, dedicated people, and fast growth make it such an exciting place to work.

How long have you been in the business?

Just over a year now. But it doesn’t feel that long. It’s really flown by.

What’s your role here at Midstream?

I work in technical sales. This involves reviewing a client’s requests. And then working with our teams to make sure the solution they arrive at meets the project’s needs 100%. I’m also responsible for putting together tender packages.

What do you find most challenging about your role?

We’ve always got a large volume of project requests coming in. We have sector specialists in our Design and Engineering Teams though. That makes it easy to decide who is best suited to pick each project up. It’s only ever a challenge when something is so different it may need input from multiple teams. We’re always ready to help support each other and work together though. So, even then, it’s a challenge easily solved.

You take a very detailed approach to your work. How important is this in your role?

Hugely. It’s what it’s all about. We’re known for designing ‘best-in-class’ products and delivering projects to the highest standards. For that to happen we need a thorough understanding of a client’s needs from the beginning. That’s where I come in. I make sure there’s an accurate flow of information from the client, to our Design Team and on to the Project Delivery Team.

What’s been the most memorable project you have worked on?

When you start a new job, the first project you get to work on always has a special place in your heart. For me, it was Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan. We were upgrading an existing metal-halide system to LED. To see in the flesh what an amazing impact Midstream can have on the running of an airport is something I’ll never forget. Not only did the upgrade triple the airport’s light levels, its energy use was cut by 66% too. A great ‘win-win’ for the airport and the environment.

How many projects do you think you’ve worked on in your time here?

Lots. It’s not the number that stands out though. It’s the projects. The relationships you make along the way. And the satisfaction and pride you have when that ‘switch’ gets turned on for the first time. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that.

What do you think makes Midstream stand out from the competition?

Simply, we’re not a ‘Jack of all trades and a master of none.’. We specialise in our key sectors – Aviation, Sports, Maritime, and Horticulture. And our teams’ in-depth industry knowledge means we can design, develop, and continue to innovate unbeatable, tailor-made solutions for each sector.

Tell us a little about you outside of work? What do you get up to?

I do a bit of running and yoga. I’ve also been doing a part-time psychotherapy course and I’m planning on doing voluntary counseling work once I’ve finished.


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