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Flare – a market-leading LED lighting solution for commercial horticulture growers.

The challenges the global horticulture industry face – increased demand, environmental, and political – continue to rise. To help growers overcome these challenges, growers need an effective alternative to natural sunlight or HPS / SON-T grow lights.

Introducing Flare – an innovative LED lighting solution for the horticulture industry – designed and engineered with growth in mind.

A Flare for results

Working with future-facing global experts in the horticultural sphere, we’ve created the energy-efficient, cost-effective LED lighting solution the industry has been waiting for – Flare.

Flexible and precise, Flare solutions can be adapted and scaled with mounting accessories or spectrums as needed.

Flare benefits include:

  • Faster germination and root growth
  • Earlier flowering and controlled plant growth
  • Environmental and space maximisation
  • Significant energy use reduction
  • And, most importantly – increased yields

Plus, as with all Midstream LED solutions, there are environmental and financial benefits thanks to the energy savings and efficiencies that the Flare Series provides.

Flare in action

Areas already experiencing the positive impact of Flare and its spectrum flexibility include:


Getting the right balance between biomass production and leaf building

is critical to producing an optimal yield when it comes to tomatoes. Flare helps deliver that. It can be set to give exactly the wavelength needed to support the vegetative stage for robust plant development and flowering. The result? More fruit per plant.


Spectrum precision is key when you’re looking to grow stunning flowers and ornamental plants on an industrial level. Leaf formation, stem inclination, flower characteristics, and positioning all need a consistent, high-quality spectrum for uniform production. And Flare is the perfect solution for this. Working with agronomists, the high flexibility Flare offers can be used to produce a tailor-made spectrum to increase the yield of different floricultural applications.

Leafy greens

Our research has shown that the addition of broad-spectrum light, on top of the two intense absorption bands of 450mm blue and 600mm red wavelengths, increases lettuce speed of growth and yield significantly. Or, to put it simply, Flare helps you grow higher quality plants – faster


The intensity, spectrum, and quality of light for medicinal and legal cannabis cultivation has been shown to greatly increase production yield. The quality of things like CBD and THC content, plus the taste characteristic also rely on this too. Flare can be used to give a massive increase in plant output when compared to HPS fixtures – with six times peaks for certain auto-flowing strains.

Wherever you use it – Flare gives you the competitive advantage.

The Flare difference

An integrated Midstream Active Cooling System (MACS) allows for an extremely compact design, which means less shadow over the plants during daylight hours. Meanwhile, a thermal management system and circuit design guarantee stable spectrum output over a lifetime that’s built for heavy-duty usage. Flare LED lighting can be equipped with integrated or remote drivers – allowing the user to place the power supplies in the most convenient location for easy access and maintenance. Constructed from high-grade copper and coated in stainless steel, the Flare PCB is completely waterproof to resist corrosive environments. It also stays at an extremely low LED temperature, for reliability, high performance, and durability – over a long lifespan.

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