Advanced lighting design for Stadiums

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Whether it’s FIFA, UEFA, FIBA, FIH, MLB, IBAF or ITF design compliance we’ve done it all! Sports Stadiums around the world are some of the most complex and challenging lighting design projects to complete, with a whole host of considerations coming into play. In this session Marco Cavallotti, Midstream Project Manager who has undertaken 100’s of sports lighting design projects will utilise DIAlux software to showcase the approach we here at midstream take when tackling these incredible stadiums. It will be an advanced design session with the aim of introducing you to key elements to consider as well as a number of tips and tricks to help the design process. The majority of this session will be done in DIAlux via a step by step overview as well as live Q&A.

Length: 45 Minutes + Q&A

Presenter: Marco Cavallotti, Project Manager, Midstream Lighting

Host: Michael Short, Head of Marketing, Midstream Lighting

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